Stop Rewarding

Static Visualization | 2019

Gun ownership is very complicated, especially since the number of mass shootings has risen. Researchers have discovered that media coverage of mass shootings has led to fame-seeking rampage shooters(1).

This visualization combines a dataset from Mother Jones on mass shootings in the United States(2) and a paper published in American Behavioral Scientist in Sep 2017(3). To visually connect them, I combined a timeline and arch diagram to focus on the connections and not the shooters. This was an opportunity to implement No Notoriety, so the attacker’s names were not displayed.

1. “Fame-seeking rampage shooters: Initial findings and empirical predictions” by Adam Lankford
3. “Don’t Name Them, Don’t Show Them, But Report Everything Else: A Pragmatic Proposal for Denying Mass Killers, the Attention They Seek and Deterring Future Offenders” by Adam Lankford and Eric Madfis