Life in Degrees°

Poster | 2020

My Air Force career inspired a love of travel and weather. Travel was an amazing benefit of military life, but it was working on the flight line that sparked my unexpected curiosity about the weather. Life in Degrees° combines my birthday and time (23 October at ~2034 hours) with the latitude of where I was living to visually tell my story.

Initially, I wanted a simple graphic that I could use for a felting project. During the data analysis, it was evident that more detail was needed to tell a compelling story. The first chart was uninspiring and hard to read, so the size (air temperature) and color (latitude) of the plots were changed to reveal hidden patterns. Next, the years were grouped into decades to create radial charts, and the plot distance was adjusted to further enhance the air temperature. Time was an essential component, so the radial charts were used to create a timeline. The challenge was to have an in-depth story and not overly complicate the visual. The generous amount of white space allowed for valuable additions such as degrees, the y-axis and legends, so the viewer had a clear understanding.

This visualization was a great lesson in data bias. And, it combined two of my passions, travel and weather, to show that life is ever-changing and unpredictable.